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Keeping Granny's memory alive with Kindness

Keeping Granny's memory alive with Kindness

“It’s nice to be Important but it’s more Important to be nice”.

Kindness (the act of being ‘nice’) is something that is steadily fading from modern society. Nowadays, rudeness can be misconstrued as being ‘strong and powerful’ and celebrities are making a fortune by simply acting obnoxious and controversial on the likes of ‘Love Island’ or formally ‘Big Brother’. All that you have to do is have an argument on TV and the next thing you know you have 1 million Instagram followers and everyone is talking about you. Twitter will be hopping and people will be debating about you on the local radio phone-ins but do you know what, you’ll get exposure 📸 As that saying goes, ‘there’s no such thing as bad publicity’. Simon Cowell is probably the biggest example of this, although even he has changed his ways and even become vegan 🌱

Being the ‘bigger person’ is not always easy but ultimately it is the key contributor to happiness. Kindness is a quality that is contagious. When people notice others being kind it catches on and they, in turn, become inspired themselves to act in a more caring manner. This was certainly something that I always encountered whenever I spent any time with my Granny and is something I will endeavour to pass on to my daughter Sally. I will try my utmost to make sure she inherits the qualities of her strong great grandmother because kindness should never be mistaken for weakness 💪


My Granny was, without a doubt, the strongest and most respected person I have ever known. She was also the kindest person I’ve ever met. She would hand you her last tenner, forgo eating just so you could eat and would happily give you her bed to sleep in if you needed a place to stay for the night. However, when I did stay over, I’ll never forget waking up at the crack of dawn, absolutely blinded by the morning sun! Granny never had curtains, as to her, the morning light was a celebration of simply being alive ☀️ I could never understand this, being 13 years old and having stayed up late the night before binge watching Nightmare on Elm Street! I know now what she meant though. I’m may not be as dedicated as those ‘Happy Pear’ twins hopping into the Irish sea every day at 5am but I’ve now grown to like and appreciate mornings. How could I not when the first thing I see is Sally’s beautiful smile.

Clare McCormack was born in 1915 and lived a life of complete kindness for 99 years. My most recent memory of her in good health was when she would sit on the couch in my Aunt’s house knitting little woollen hats for the premature babies at Temple Street Children’s Hospital. I always remember coming to visit her and even if Hurricane Etna was tearing down telephone posts out on the street, Granny always looked on the bright side and would comment on how the weather was improving and how the storm had almost passed. The rain would literally be belting off the window! She was the definition of positivity.


Our brains are hardwired to seek kindness and we seem to always remember that person who was especially kind to us in our lives. Have you ever considered what makes a person, ‘a baby person’? My mother-in-law Sandra is literally the ‘baby whisperer’. Babies are crazy about her and she has been known to be able to settle the wildest and most unruly of baby. The mad thing is that, against popular belief, she actually doesn’t have some magical telepathic power. She is just kind and all the babies know it, even the little Tasmanian devil babies! A dog is no different either. Have you ever noticed that there is always one person a dog will gravitate to at the dinner table? They can see kindness in the person’s eyes, not weakness. Next time a dog is glaring at you from under the table, go ahead and give yourself a pat on the back because you my friend, are a kind person.

As Ellen says, #BeKindToOneAnother and don’t forget those puppy dog eyes staring at you while you eat. Always staring. Every mouthful and always remember these wise words of a Great Greek,

“No Act of Kindness, No Matter how small is ever wasted”.

Aesop 🇬🇷 💪

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